Chris Bontilao – October 2020 Sign Spinner of the Month!


October 30, 2020

October 2020 Signspinner

San Jose, CA – It’s our favorite time of the month, where we get to recognize a sign spinner for all their hard work and dedication. It’s basically AArrow’s employee of the month. This month we are heading to San Jose to recognize Chris Bontilao as sign spinner of the month for October 2020!

Chris, 20 going on 21, is originally from San Jose, but has spent time all around the world. He is from a military family, and that means moving around a lot. He’s lived in Texas, Virginia, Germany, and Korea before returning to San Jose to go to college at SJSU. Chris may have lived all around the world, but he has found a home here at AArrow.

Chris has been a sign spinner for almost 2 years now. He originally got started when he found the job on the internet, but like many of us, he fell in love with the sport as soon as he started spinning. His favorite part of the job is getting to make a difference in the community by spreading thousands of smiles every time he goes to work 🙂

Chris B Sign Spinner of the Month
Chris B Sign Spinner of the Month

Chris is usually listening to Trap, EDM, or Dubstep when he’s out on the corner. His loves swordslash tricks because it makes him feel like a ninja in an action movie, totally agree. He is also a big fan of helicopter tripod and it’s variations. “It’s (helicopter) just similar to breakdancing, like I can hold up the world when it’s spinning on one hand!”

When Chris isn’t a sign spinner, he’s a full time student at SJSU studying business and Entrepreneurship. He is hoping to apply his business degree to AArrow and move up through management soon. Outside of school, Chris likes to breakdance with his friends and play a little guitar. His favorite pizza is combination or Hawaiian because of the overload of toppings.

Chris wants to move on to get his MBA after he graduates. And who knows from there, probably keep moving up. To all the spinners out there, he wants you to stay dedicated at anything you do, you’ll get there. Chris is just bursting with positive energy, that’s why we keep him around. Thanks for all you do Chris, keep it spinning!

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