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Classic Cars and Sign Spinners!

Classic Cars and Sign Spinners!

San Francisco Bay Area - Every year, The Cobbler puts on an epic car show in Hayward, CA. Countless classic cars and custom hot rods were gathered in the parking lot featuring live music and free food. From classic models with custom flame paint, to post apocalyptic wasteland jobs, this car show had everything! This year was no exception as good neighbors, The AArrow Sign Spinners got to be a part of it! Sign Spinning legends Greg and Raph were on the scene providing hype and bringing the energy! Between these two there was years of raw sign spinning energy. They spun on nearby intersections to draw more attendees in and remind the community there was a FREE car show taking place! The energy was tremendous and the sign spinners were impossible to ignore, you could hear the record amount of honks from around the corner. What a perfect way to kick off the summer! Don't miss this awesome event next year, as it fundamental part of Hayward and American Culture. Hire AArrow Sign Spinners to spin for Classic Cars at your next car show !

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