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Human Billboard



Noun: Human Billboard | Plural Noun: Human Billboards

Human billboard is an early term for sign holder. Most commonly this would refer to people wearing sandwich boards, which can be traced back as early as London in the 1800’s. Human Billboards or human advertisements have been around for centuries. Similarly, Romans would evenplace jugglers and jesters at the end of marketplaces to attract customers to the square. Ye Olde advertisements holdeth thy sign.

Today, Sign Spinners are the superior form of human billboards, but basic sign holding services are available.

Human Billboard in action
Human Billboard in action


Hiring Sign Spinners

Do Human billboards actually bring customers in ?

Listener John Adams sent in this question: “Is it really worth paying someone to hold a sign, and why is that allowed when putting a sign in the ground is clearly not (or else presumable that’s what companies would do?)” Holding giant cardboard signs, more than a dozen sign spinners stood at a Los Angeles intersection, trying […]


Huston Press Article - Human Directionals

Human Directionals What are these “spinners” holding advertising signs at local intersections listening to?


Inside the Sign Spinning Journey of DMV Sign Spinner Kendric Washington

Kendric Washington was star-struck. The 19-year-old hid behind plastic sunglasses, scoping out where the competition would take place, along a pedestrian mall in downtown Las Vegas called the Fremont Street Experience. It wasn’t the Strip, but it is known as the second-most-famous street in Sin City, set amid older casinos, musty bars and tattoo parlors. […]


Angeles Flips over the Competition to Claim the Title

Sign Spinning World Champion Flips to Title You’ve seen them at intersections and outside strip malls spinning an arrow-shaped sign and trying to grab the attention of drivers and passers-by. Turns out, there’s more to it than just twirling the sign, and the ones with the most creative moves compete every year for the title […]