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Human Directional



Noun: Human Directional | Plural Noun: Human Directionals

A sign holder is a non-professional person that advertises businesses by simply holding the sign for passing traffic to read.

A Human Directional is the outdated industry term for a sign holder. Many Human Directionals have since evolved into professional sign spinners. Human Directional鈥檚 are still available through AArrow鈥檚 Sister company,

Human Directional in action
Human Directional in action


Huston Press Article - Human Directionals

Human Directionals What are these “spinners” holding advertising signs at local intersections listening to?

Rick Thesenga and the Seattle Spinjas

The Spinja: Ricky The Ninja Sign Spinner

Martial Arts and Sign Spinning go hand and hand. That’s why some people have called us sign spinning ninjas, or a聽 spinja for short. But we can’t take all the credit for it, because there is really only one true Spinja. And that man is Ricky Thesenga out of Seattle. He’s known for starting sign […]


Industry Spotlight - The Home Builder Industry

The roots of AArrow Sign Spinners can be traced back to the home builder industry. Home builders were tired of wasting money on staffing agencies and boring human directional services to help point prospective buyers to their locations. In the end, they would only be told their sign guy looked sad or was pointing the […]


The Signs of A Cooling Market in California

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ON a scorching fall day, as Santa Ana winds thrashed the palm trees around the parking lot, Nick Victorio inspected his group of teenage recruits. His mission was to set down the rules for wrangling a real estate sign. The arrow-shaped signs, at 2 by 6 feet, were wider than most of the […]