Human Directional



Noun: Human Directional | Plural Noun: Human Directionals

Human Directionals: Guiding Customers to Your Business

A Human Directional, often simply referred to as a sign holder, is an individual responsible for holding an advertising sign and directing potential customers to a specific location or business. Unlike professional sign spinners, who are known for their impressive tricks and acrobatics with arrow-shaped signs, Human Directionals primarily focus on ensuring that the sign they are holding is visible to passing pedestrians and motorists. In this role, they serve as an extension of a business’s marketing efforts by physically directing traffic toward a storefront, event, or promotion.

The Origins of the Term ‘Human Directional

The term “Human Directional” originated from the role’s primary function: providing direction to potential customers by pointing them towards the advertised location. It has since become an industry term for sign holders, although it is now considered somewhat outdated. In modern marketing vernacular, “sign holder” or “sign waver” is more commonly used to describe these individuals.

The Commitment and Dedication of Human Directionals

While the role of a Human Directional may seem simple, it requires dedication, perseverance, and the ability to engage with the public in a friendly and professional manner. Human Directionals need to stand in various weather conditions for extended periods, ensuring that the sign is properly displayed and easily visible to passersby. They may also interact with curious pedestrians or motorists who have questions about the advertised business or promotion.

From Human Directional to Sign Spinner: A Path to Professionalism

As the sign spinning industry has evolved, many Human Directionals have transitioned into professional sign spinners, mastering the art of sign spinning and performing eye-catching tricks to attract even more attention to their advertising efforts. In fact, AArrow Sign Spinners, a prominent sign spinning company, provides training to help sign holders develop their skills and become professional sign spinners. The company has a sister brand,, that offers services for those looking to hire traditional Human Directionals.

Sign Holders and Sign Spinners: A Lasting Impact on Local Business Promotion

Whether holding a simple sign or spinning an arrow-shaped sign with flair, both Human Directionals and sign spinners play a crucial role in promoting local businesses and attracting customers. Their physical presence and ability to engage with the public provide a unique and effective form of advertising that can’t be replicated by digital or print media alone.