Political Sign Wars in Iowa were not ready for a real sign spinner…


June 14, 2019

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Normally Iowa doesn’t get much attention or national news coverage, except during election season that is. All eyes are on Iowa as Democratic political candidate would-be’s are campaigning heavily in Iowa ahead of the upcoming caucus. Over 19 presidential candidates were campaigning at the same time, and it was absolute chaos. From popular names like Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris to others like Brooker and Tulsi, the streets are brimming with political signs. All parties screaming political chants trying to get more attention than the others, until the AArrow Sign Spinners showed up. You see, John Delaney is a smart man; he hired a real sign spinner to work the political sign rally, the best sign mercenaries in town. Needless to say, the other parties did not stand a chance.

Click here to see the sign spinners in action on Twitter!

Click here to see the sign spinners in action on Twitter!

“IOWA wasn’t ready for this battle”, says Justin Brown, AArrow’s Director of Training, was handpicked for this amazing opportunity by 2020 Presidential Candidate John Delaney for the political “sign war” last week. Accompanied by Kendric Washington (2018 World Sign Spinning Champion), and all star Horacio Moreno, they took their Sign Spinning talents to the center of Iowa’s presidential primary season. With the news cameras flashing and the crowd cheering, John Delaney himself couldn’t help but give Sign Spinning a try. Although very talented and athletic, we recommend he stick to his mission for the White House. Anyone is always welcomed to try though!

Political Sign Spinner

Legendary Sign Spinner Justin Brown and Political candidate John Delaney


Sign spinners give your campaign the competitive edge in any political race. Often, voters haven’t up there mind until the day of, get in front of as many voters as possible by hiring AArrow Sign Spinners for your political campaign!

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