Sign Flipper



Noun: Sign Flipper | Plural Noun: Sign Flippers

Sign Flippers: The First Step to Becoming a Sign Spinner

Sign flippers are individuals who hold and move advertising signs, typically arrow-shaped, to attract attention to a business or event. Often considered amateurs in the world of sign spinning, sign flippers may not have the extensive training or perform the complex tricks that professional sign spinners are known for. However, they still play a crucial role in outdoor advertising by capturing the attention of passing pedestrians and motorists.

From Sign Flipper to Sign Spinner: AArrow’s Training Program

AArrow Sign Spinners, a leading sign spinning company, recognizes the potential of sign flippers and offers training programs to help them develop their skills. Through rigorous training, AArrow transforms amateur sign flippers into professional sign spinners who specialize in creating unforgettable one-on-one advertising experiences. AArrow’s sign spinners learn a wide array of tricks and techniques that make their performances stand out, turning ordinary street corners into stages for captivating advertising displays.

Showcasing Talent: AArrow Sign Spinners on ESPN’s ‘The Ocho

AArrow Sign Spinners’ talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. They have been featured on ESPN’s “The Ocho,” a broadcast that showcases unconventional and entertaining sports from around the world. On “The Ocho,” AArrow Sign Spinners perform their best routines, showcasing their impressive tricks and captivating audiences with their high-energy performances. These appearances on national television have helped elevate sign spinning from a simple advertising strategy to a recognized form of entertainment and competition.

Sign Spinning: A Unique and Memorable Advertising Experience

Sign spinning, whether performed by amateur sign flippers or professional sign spinners, offers a unique and memorable advertising experience that stands out in a world of digital and print media. The physical presence, human interaction, and dynamic performances of sign spinners create a personal connection with potential customers that other forms of advertising cannot replicate. As sign spinning continues to grow in popularity, AArrow Sign Spinners remains at the forefront of this innovative and engaging form of outdoor advertising, turning street corners around the world into stages for unforgettable advertising experiences.


Julian Falkenstein was a self-taught sign flipper in Atlanta. He partnered with a professional dancer to create an unforgettable viral video. They were featured on Ellen Degenerous to perform on television! Julian has worked with AArrow Florida

Viral Sign Spinner Shows Off Unbelievable Skills

Viral Sign Spinning sensation, Rico El-lis, is known for his viral sign flipping YouTube videos. He has been an AArrow Sign Spinner since 2010 when he got started at 16 in North Carolina. Since then he’s spun all across Houston Texas before taking his career to the next level in Los Angeles. He was then scouted by Ellen Degeneres as well and brought on her show several times before being hired full time to spin for Ellen!