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Sign Flipper



Noun: Sign Flipper | Plural Noun: Sign Flippers

Another term for sign spinner, normally referring to amatuers. Many people commonly use the term to refer to a sign spinner

At AArrow, we train amatuer sign flippers to turn them into sign spinners that specialize in creating unforgettable 1 on 1 advertising experiences on street corners around the world. You can see these AArrow Sign Spinners on ESPN’s “The Ocho” performing their best routines!

Julian Falkenstein was a self-taught sign flipper in Atlanta. He partnered with a professional dancer to create an unforgettable viral video. They were featured on Ellen Degenerous to perform on television! Julian has worked with AArrow Florida

Viral Sign Spinning sensation, Rico El-lis, is known for his viral sign flipping Youtube videos. He has been an AArrow Sign Spinner since 20xx when he got started at 16 in North Carolina. Since then he’s spun all across Houston Texas before taking his career to the next level in Los Angeles. He was then scouted by Ellen Degeneres as well and brought on her show several times before being hired full time to spin for Ellen!

Sign flipper in action
Sign flipper in action


Best AArrow Sign Spinners 2021

Top Ten Best of AArrow Sign Spinners in 2021!

Wow, what a year that was. So much happened, and so many signs were spun. Well not as much spinning happened in 2021 that happened in 2019, before the global pandemic. But hey – We’re still here spinning signs and managed to survive the pandemic! Yay! So we’d like to review the best of AArrow […]


The Las Vegas Weekly - "How to do Everything"

Flip A Sign Photo: Bill Hughes Las Vegans know how to flip a sign better than Caleb Jordan. The 24-year-old has been doing it for six years, and trains up to 40 flippers a year as “spinstructor” and general manager of the local branch of San Diego-based AArrow Advertising, which employs spinners across the globe. […]