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Sign Holder



Noun: Sign Holder | Plural Noun: Sign Holders

A sign holder is a non-professional person that advertises businesses by simply holding the sign for passing traffic to read.

The founders of AArrow Sign Spinners started off as sign holders but invented sign spinning when they realized energy and movement attract attention. While AArrow Sign Spinners today provides professional sign spinners, our sister company Sign Rockers provides nationwide coverage with sign holders. The cost-effective choice for the budget conscious!

Are you looking to get more people into your store? Do you want more visitors to your website or online shop? Does your brand need more reach on social media? AArrow Sign Spinners on-road marketing can help! Hiring a sign walker, sign waver or sign spinner means more than just finding someone to hold a sign- they are walking billboard advertising for your business, products, and services. We offer sign holding, sign waving and sign spinning for every budget, as we believe everyone can benefit from roadside marketing strategies. Traditional billboards, flyers and print ads are not only easy to overlook, they’re expensive! Whether you want to promote a grand opening or a weekend sale, or just want the world to know who you are, you can grab the attention of passersby with one of our dynamic sign holders. Contact us today to find out how Aarrow Sign Spinners’ on-street marketing can help your business.

Sign holder in action
Sign holder in action


Who's Sign Spinning in that Progressive Commercial?

Progressive Sign Spinner Commercials are Everywhere Rico : Superstar Sign Spinner The progressive commercials are back and greater than ever! Yes – our absolute favorite insurance commercials. These guys at Progressive really get it. This time, we see a special guest sign spinning in the latest progressive commercial. Wait a minute, we all know who […]

Rick Thesenga and the Seattle Spinjas

The Spinja: Ricky The Ninja Sign Spinner

Martial Arts and Sign Spinning go hand and hand. That’s why some people have called us sign spinning ninjas, or a  spinja for short. But we can’t take all the credit for it, because there is really only one true Spinja. And that man is Ricky Thesenga out of Seattle. He’s known for starting sign […]


Danny Partida - March's Sign Spinner of the Month!

Have you ever had a signature Danny Partida hug? Understand this, Danny Lee Rene Soto Partida Jr isn’t just AArrow’s designated hug dealer; he’s one of AArrow’s best sign spinners out there. Sign spinning has been one of many passions for Danny since starting in 2012, he is a regular competitor at the World Sign […]


Sign Spinning is an Art

They are sign spinners. “We hate it when you call it sign twirlers,” says Caleb Jordan, who has worked in the industry six years and is the general manager for AArrow Advertising. Come blistering heat or pouring rain, the team is outside spinning, flipping, throwing, smiling, posing and waving for all the passers-by to see. […]