Sign Spinner of The Month has the Dankest Memes


April 30, 2021

Joey Dankest Memes Sign Spinner

Well this month’s sign spinner of the month is a bit different than our traditional winners. This guy is hands down one of the core contributing members of the AArrow lore since the beginning of time. This specific sign spinner has won the dankest memes award back to back for the last two years, and chances are, you’ve heard him explain things around the office or online. Going all the way to Los Angeles to recognize a one of a kind sign spinner for April 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month. Joey Castanon, Congratulations – You are Spinner of the Month!

Joey Sign Spinner of the Month

Joey Sign Spinner of the Month

Joey, or formally known as Jose, has been spinning for over 12 years! He initially got started back in 2009 when he heard about the job while working at UPS from another coworker. Joey was in desperate need of a second job at the time, and didn’t know his life would change forever. The pay at AArrow is attractive for any young person and sign spinning would soon become his only job. Since joining AArrow, Joey would rise through management and become a Jack-of-all-Trades. He has literally done every job at AArrow from recruiting, sales, assistant manager, and has even been instrumental in expanding to Florida. Joey does a lot of things here, and if you ever saw a spinner spinning a sign on the corner, just know that Joey probably made that. Currently Joey oversees the sign production in California, assists operations in Los Angeles, produces marketing videos, and regularly cranks out dank sign spinner memes.

I just want Joey to tell me how a steak was cooked at a soft volume as I eat it” – Matt Doolan

Some of Joey’s favorite tricks involve blind catches, where you have to trust the sign will be there without looking at it, like reverse boomerang or reverse skill saw. So don’t stand in his way when spinning. Joey’s passion for sign spinning goes deeper than just the job. Like all of us, Joey pushes sign spinning to the next level and takes it deeper than just another “job.” Joey stays at AArrow because he doesn’t feel replaceable like he would at UPS. Anyone can move a box, but not everyone can spin a sign like we do. At this point, it doesn’t feel like he works at AArrow, but rather AArrow works for him.

Only a handful of people in the world are as good at this as we are. When you are the best in the world at something, you need to stick it out and see where it takes you.” – Jose Castanon

Joey’s time at AArrow has taught him crucial Job skills about teamwork, management, and generally everything related to business. This has given him enough time to grow up and figure out what he really wants to do. Joey is currently going to school to pursue a degree in Astrophysics and ultimately wants to become an Aeronautics Engineer. Wow! Not everyday a sign spinner hits you with that goal! Joey has a strong background working with cars and mechanics, so building rockets is only the natural course for him. He’ll always be a part of the AArrow community but expanding the collective human knowledge is calling for him.

Competitor in the 2021 World Sign Spinning Championship

Joey Spinning at the 2021 World Sign Spinning Championship

If you can’t tell, Joey is kind of a smart guy. Kind of. He is regularly the guy everyone points to, to explain stuff. No one knows how this really started, but he is known around AArrow as the guy who explains things comically and seriously. From complex geo-politics, economics, or natural phenomena; to everyday random occurrences. Joey’s brain holds surface level knowledge of well rounded subjects, and he will always research credible sources before he opens his mouth. “Joey, ‘splain dis,” has become a regular saying in the AArrow community and it’s his way to fight the wave of misinformation on the internet. He’s fighting the good fight.

I don’t have any quotes about Joey, I’m sorry.” – Christian Altamirano

If you have ever heard Joey speak, then you know he’s got a one-of-a-kind, assertive voice that instills confidence. He’s always wanted to be a voice actor or do voice over work because of that. So just this year, he has combined his natural gift of his voice and his explaining skills into a new project, “The Spindustry” podcast. There, he interviews sign spinners and has conversations that go off on deep tangents or dive into the cut throat world of sign spinning that the world may not know exists. There is so much that goes into what we do before the average person sees a really good sign spinner on the street corner and Joey wants to shed light on our world. This gives spinners a chance to have healthy discussion about their passion and share some of their personality, just like these spinner of the month stories!

Dankest Memes Sign Spinner Himself - Joey Castanon

Dankest Memes Sign Spinner Himself – Joey Castanon

When Joey isn’t spinning a sign, he is hanging out with his Fiance Stephanie, working on cars, playing disc golf, or going to school. He’s a pretty busy guy! His favorite pizza is a unique combo of garlic parmesan white sauce with spinach, olives, pineapple, pepperoni (not sure to give him a trophy or call the cops) and he only messes with local homegrown pizza spots. Joey Castanon, thank you for all you do; keep explaining things until next time!

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