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Sign Spinners Rally LA Rams Fans at SoFi Stadium!

Don’t take my word for it, but when sign spinning is involved, the win is already secured. Look no further than the recent LA Rams victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. As participants in the sport of sign spinning, the AArrow Sign Spinners know a thing or two about supporting their local teams.

Needless to say, as our own World Sign Spinning Championship approaches, we were already feeling the air of competition. As we dawned our LA Rams shirts, we were ready to show our team some love. As everyone waited in anticipation for the kickoff, our team of the world’s finest got into position.

Throughout Sunday morning and afternoon, the AArrow Sign Spinners rallied more than 70,000 fans with their world-class performances, and a hard line of questioning. “WHO’S HOUSE?! RAMS HOUSE!” From intersections to tailgates, they kept spirits high and morale strong, and reminded Los Angelenos what it means to root for the home team. Our utilization of guerilla marketing tactics enable us to advertise our message anywhere at anytime! Let's Go Rams!

First impressions are as important as first downs, and we wanted to make a good first impression for fans on arrival. With a Super Bowl victory on the line, the Los Angeles Rams needed all the energy, luck, and support the city had to offer. The AArrow Sign Spinners were eager to help summon some touchdowns.

Like I said before, the Rams victory after a weekend of Sign Spinning isn’t a coincidence, and it certainly isn’t an accident either. Even if you want to chalk it up to luck, wouldn’t you want luck on your side? No matter how you look at it, someone was spinning the sign of victory.  Anyway, if you didn’t get to see them at Super Bowl LVI, look no further and check out the highlight reel below!

AArrow Sign Spinners at SoFi Stadium!

Special Shout Out to:

AArrow Los Angeles
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