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Spinteractions : August 2022 Newsletter

Jerald's creative nature goes beyond sign spinning. His creativity is demonstrated through dance and cinematography as well. His talents allow him to seamlessly bounce between composing beautiful video edits, and composing elegant sign spinning routines. Jerald had the chance to showcase all 3 of these attributes at the 2022 World Sign Spinning Championship. His ability to spin, dance, and capture the best moments of his peers was on full display here! From AArrow All-Star to Office All-Star, Jerald is equally balanced in the field and in the office. His capacity to learn has allowed him to also pick up additional responsibilities and ascend quickly within the industry. According to Rayen Jones of Las Vegas, he's the image of punctuality and perseverance. No matter the assignment, Jerald reliably completes the task with confidence and unmatched swagger.

Amazon Fresh is here to change how we do groceries! Their new grocery store is designed from the ground up to offer a seamless grocery experience, either in-store or online. Our AArrow Sign Spinners in Seattle and Washington DC have recently assisted in the promotion of new retail store locations. Continue Reading

AArrow All-Stars Carlye White and Jacob Mitchell took their Sign Spinning talents to Toronto, Canada to participate in The Bentway Block Party last week. The Block Party combines fashion, music, and art... kind of like our sign spinners do. Not only were Jacob and Carlye able to direct people to the event, they also stole the show with their own world-class performances. Continue Reading

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