Amit Sharma – May 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month!


May 28, 2021

May 2021 Sign Spinner of The Month

Amit Prakash Sharma; Half-man, half-robot, and full-time GM of AArrow Nor Cal, and now he’s the May 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month! Amit is 22 years old and has been spinning signs for about 3 years now. But don’t let the timeline fool you, he can hang. Amit got started with AArrow when his best friend Vinny tricked him into working. He was really unhappy with prior jobs and thought he would give it a shot. Little did he know his life was about to change for ever, he came for the money, but stayed for the tricks and sign spinning culture. That’s right Amit, we got you!

One time, Amit and I saved a baby possum!” – Greg Hakanson

Ultimately, Amit would grow into a solid part of the team over time. You see, Amit has gumption and grit, and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Amit has a fitness background and is majoring in sports management, so it aligns with the AArrow culture. There’s an overlap of skills managing a team, communicating, and organizational development. The culture is a big part of the job and the tricks make it fun. The physical aspect and the team spirit made AArrow a perfect fit for Amit. Or is Amit a perfect fit for AArrow? Anyway, Amit has grown from spinner, to assistant manager and now runs AArrow in the San Francisco Bay.  At first, like any GM, he made a tons of mistakes. But every mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow. One year later, he’s been able to bring the business back to life from the pandemic. Go Amit!

Amit Prakesh Sharma is the May 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month!

Amit Prakesh Sharma is the May 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month!

Amit’s favorite tricks are the sword-slash-under-the-leg, and one-handies. Since he’s still on the newer side, he has a lot of room to grow. Give him some time, he’ll be unstoppable by the next World Sign Spinning Championship and take AArrow Nor Cal to the next level. When Amit isn’t spinning, he’s probably hiking, baking or studying. He stays active whether it’s his body or his mind. (That’s why he’s in charge). He’s actively working to finish his Bachelors degree at SJSU and continue to grow and excel from there. He wants to make AArrow Nor Cal #1 on the West Coast and grow into sales. Also, his favorite pizza is veggie or plain cheese (because he doesn’t eat beef or pork), classic healthy guy Amit!

Amit of the month

Amit of the month

We asked Amit if he wanted to include anything else and he wanted to remind everyone to keep trying, even if you aren’t the best at it. “It takes time to get good at stuff, just don’t give up” – Amit

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