Competitive Sign Spinning featured on Houston Now!


March 11, 2020

Competitive Sign Spinning Carlye

Yes, competitive sign spinning exists. Yes, sign spinning is a sport. Yes, there is a sign spinning championship. These are all questions that every AArrow Sign Spinner is familiar with, and for damn sure, tired of answering. Trust me, we’ve heard it all. Competitive Sign Spinning is definitely a real thing and it flows through the veins of all AArrow Sign Spinners out there. It’s something unique that all the sign spinners take very seriously. Who can come up with the next best trick or land the newest, craziest invert; it’s what really keeps us all going. Then every year, the best sign spinners get to go head to head and battle in Las Vegas for the title of World Sign Spinning Champion.

Competitive Sign Spinning Carlye White
Carlye White showing off his signature sign spinning skills!

Two of the best sign spinners in the world, Carlye White and Jimmel Martin were featured on Houston Now and tell their sign spinning story. Houston Sign Spinners continue to be some of the best sign spinners around, as they are constantly cultivating talented sign spinners. Everything may be bigger in Texas, but talent is bigger in Houston. In this feature, Jimmel and Carlye go into detail about the cut throat world of competitive sign spinning. They share their histories, their experiences, the competitions, the tricks, and well; you’ll just have to check out the story for more!

Carlye and Jimmel are more than just sign spinners, they are great friends and business managers. Together, they make AArrow Houston run smoothly. Big shout outs to these two!

Jimmel Martin Competitive SIgn Spinning
Jimmel “Big Tex” Martin is a big name in the world of sign spinning may be even too big for Houston!

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