The 2nd Annual Texas Sign Spinning Championships!


August 26, 2019

Sign Spinners Texas Sign Spinnning Competition

As clich√© as it sounds, everything is bigger in Texas, and for us that means the sign spinning competition is ginormous. The finest AArrow Sign Spinners from all corners of Texas got together at Lake Travis for an old fashioned showdown. No one was holding back, because of you blink or slip for a second, game over. This year was no exception, all of the spinners bringing more heat to the competition than the next, it wasn’t just the Texas sun making everyone sweat, but the skills this year were off the chart!

Lake Travis is the ideal location for the competition as it provides a scenic venue but also a nice area to go cool off from the Summer heat. Just jump right in! This year’s competition would feature a battle royale (every spinner spinning until only one remains) and the classic competition. Out of all the talent that showed, only one would remain victorious. The winner of this years battle royale was Texas native, Terrance Harris, a big congrats on being the last one standing. In 3rd place was WSSC top ten competitor and IOMS champion, Vincent Brown! In 2nd place, was another Texas native and long time sign spinning veteran, Eric Mayo! And bringing in the the first place title, the best sign spinner in Texas is Elijah Scholz! Big shout out to all that attended and made it an incredible event and a special Thank You to Missy for organizing the event! We’ll see y’all next year!

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Photo Credit to Horacio Moreno