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Eric Mayo – July 2020 Sign Spinner of the Month!

Texas is hot, there's no way around it. Having an outdoor job in Texas isn't for the weak. That may be why some of the best sign spinners in the world come from here. You got to be tough to be a Sign Spinner in July out in Texas. That's why we are going back to Houston to recognize sign spinner of the month for July. Eric Mayo, you are July's sign spinner of the month!

Eric has been spinning for 6 years and he is easily one of the best in Texas. He is a master of inverts and anything on a hand stand. Some of his favorite tricks are the Jamaican-Me-Crazy, Equilibrium, and the One-Night-Stand catch.

Eric May is Sign Spinner of the Month for July!
Eric May is Sign Spinner of the Month for July!

Currently, Eric spins and heads the sign production in Houston but initially got started in San Antonio where he is from. He got started when he was skateboarding past Theo Davis as he was landing some intense combos. All the different tricks and combos enticed Eric to go to practice and he's been spinning ever since.

Eric loves sign spinning for the same reasons we all do, the hundred of tricks and thousands of possible combinations. But Eric didn't just learn tricks from AArrow, he's picked up the entrepreneurial spirit as well. One day, he hopes to start his own company doing something he loves, like skateboarding!

Eric May is Sign Spinner of the Month for July!
Eric May is Sign Spinner of the Month for July!

When Eric is spinning, he's typically jamming out to Dubstep or underground hip hop, especially the Texas Rappers. When he isn't spinning he's either skateboarding or playing video games. His favorite pizza is pepperoni and bacon, a fine choice.

Just like any sign spinner, Eric is passionate about the sport of sign spinning. He takes pride in how far the sign spinning has come, from cool tricks to mind blowing maneuvers. "Sign Spinning the sport isn't the same as sign spinning the job. Don't stop spinning even if you move on. Keep pushing the limits, just don't stop!" - Eric Mayo

Click here to see Eric tear it up at the Texas Sign Spinning Championship

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