February 2021: Sign Spinner of the Month!


February 24, 2021

February 2021 Sign Spinner Gadiel

February 2021 – Sign Spinner of the Month is basically the AArrow version of “employee of the month.” This month, we want to go all the way to the Orlando market to recognize one of the hardest working up-and-coming sign spinning champions, Gadiel Antonio Santiago! He regularly spins 8 hour shifts in the hot, humid Florida sun and deserves his chance to shine.

Gadiel has been spinning signs on and off for about 7 years. He is originally from the Washington DC area and got his sign spinning career started in Silver Springs Maryland. Now 26, He has spent a lot of time spinning alongside AArrow co-found Mike Patterson. Originally he got started when he was recruited by a spin-structors and went to try-outs with Rayshod and Gianfranco. Being the natural athlete that he is, Gadiel picked up signs spinning almost instantly and easily became a pro.

Sign Spinners in Orlando

Gadiel is one of the best Sign Spinners in Orlando

Some of Gadiel’s favorite tricks are the skill saws or inverts (anything with a handspring. Sign Spinning is a great job because he gets paid to exercise. He is an avid athlete himself, and sign spinning is basically performance art combined with athletics. Like all sign spinners, the self-expression from sign spinning is like creating your own painting with your moves.

Gadiel’s career as a sign spinner took a pause when he was hit by a car last year when riding his bike. He had to take a few months off, and work through physical therapy. Now he’s come back harder than ever and he is aiming to win the World Sign Spinning Championship one day. He is no stranger to training, he actually trains every day to achieve his goal of competing in the Olympics for Cycling. He actually runs 7-10 miles everyday, and spins signs for hours after that, whether he is at work or can’t sleep at night. We weren’t kidding when we say he is a natural athlete.

Gadiel Sign Spinner of the Month February 2021

Gadiel Antonio Santiago is Sign Spinner of the Month February 2021

When Gadiel isn’t working for AArrow, he is working out and trying to push himself to the absolute physical limits. He loves cycling, racing and mountain biking; and he fixes motorcycles in his spare time. When he’s out there on the street corner, he’s usually jamming to hardstyle or some rap music.

Gadiel loves the AArrow family, and it inspires him to be a better spinner, a better athlete, and a better person. He wants to shout out his old team back in the DMV area, so special shoutouts to Kendric, Mike Patterson, Horacio, Tony Ha, Daniel, and the rest of the team. He’s a hyper competitive person by nature, and wants to help make AArrow the very best. Oh, and his favorite pizza is classic cheese pizza.

Orlando Sign Spinner

Orlando! Watch out for this Sign Spinner!

“Focus on yourself, once you become at peace with yourself, you become one with the sign. Don’t forget to stay humble and don’t let your ego take over you!” -Gadiel Antonio Santiago

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