Luke Michaud – March’s Sign Spinner of the Month!


March 25, 2020

Luke Sign Spinner

Dang, Spinner of the month already!? Up until now, this spinner hasn’t got much recognition, but that doesn’t stop him from being an integral part of the team. So this month, we going to the San Francisco Bay to recognize one of our most die hard sign spinners out there. This spinner eats, sleeps, breathes, sign spinning; he even uses his own time to pioneer the LED sign project. You can all give a moment to appreciate March’s Sign Spinner of the Month, Luke Michaud!

Luke Sign Spinner March 2020
Luke is the March 2020 Sign Spinner of the Month

Boston is where Luke started his sign spinning career with Liberty Tax over 11 years ago. Originally he was trained in the art of sign spinning by AArrow as part of hybrid Liberty Tax Waiver program, and he has been hooked ever since. In few years, Luke would move out to California where he would ultimately realize his dreams of joining AArrow Sign Spinners!

Luke Michaud Sign Spinner
Luke Michaud, sign spinner, competing at the 2020 World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas

AArrow was the perfect job for Luke as it allows him to express his creativity and doesn’t have a boss looming over his shoulder watching every decision. During his shift he’s typically jamming out to EDM, Reggae, Dubstep, and Trap music (serious jams there). Some of his favorite sign spinner tricks are Chicken Wing, Roman Spear Toss, and Helicopters, but with his signature Luke twists.

North Bay Sign Spinning
Luke sign spinning in the North Bay for Valvoline

For Luke, sign spinning is a way of life and he’s always making improvements; he wants to travel to every market and spin and one day move up the ranks and manage a territory of his own. On his own time, he has produced several LED sign prototypes and is spear heading the project. Right now, he is focused on getting every market LED signs by summer!

Luke LED Sign Spinner
Luke with one of his LED Sign Spinner prototypes.

Luke is also the director of AArrow blankets, and he loves to crochet. In his life outside of AArrow, Luke likes to skateboard, workout, and be a father to his 3 children. For Luke, his optimal pizza topping is Mushroom and Olive, a premium choice. Everyone give some love to Luke for his progress, contributions, and research; he was even right about Windex being a disinfectant!

Practice makes permanent not perfect. Perfect is something to strive for, and patience is learned by practice.” – Luke J. Michaud

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