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RoShamBo Podcast : WSSC and AArrow All-Stars!

The 2019 World Sign Spinning Championship is less than 100 days away, and it seems like everybody is talking about it! One of our favorite podcasts talking about the WSSC is the RoShamBo Podcast!  This podcast is hosted by Kim Drobes and Ted Ladue, and their podcast explores the weird and wonderful competitions that take place all over the world. Kim and Ted get in depth with some of our AArrow All-Stars, including World Champ Kendric Washington, Spinner's Choice Tyler Cartwright, 2009 Champ Ray Rivera, and Director of Training Justin Brown. They get to talk about how sign spinning came into existence, why its competition is baked into the culture, and what it takes to be a champion. If you're a fan of competitive sign spinning, this is a must-listen!


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