Seraphina Smallwood-Chambers – August Sign Spinner of the Month!


August 30, 2019

Sign Spinning for Metro PCS

All the way to Orlando, Florida to recognize another diligent AArrow Sign Spinner. She always brings her A-game and spins rain or shine. Seraphina, you are the August Sign Spinner of the Month! Seraphina has been spinning for about 5 years now, 2 years at AArrow and 3 years before she found the chosen path here at AArrow. Seraphina loves the job because it allows her to express herself and unleash her creative imagination; she can embody a pirate, a knight, a sorceress, or any other character whenever she gets out there to spin. Sign spinning also helps keep her reflexes razor-sharp! Seraphina is loyal to AArrow because she says AArrow has always had her back and been there when she’s needed a job.

August Sign Spinner
Seraphina is the Sign Spinner of the Month for August!

When Seraphina hits the streets with her sign, she is usually jamming to an eclectic spectrum of music; songs from all decades are on her playlist including psychedelic funk, hip hop, punk, future-funk, goth/emo music, or anything with an organ or an accordion for those overcast days, what a variety! Her favorite trick (right now) is the kick flip, which use to be her worst enemy but now she can do them all day, every day. She strives to learn more tricks and grow with the sport, one day she even aims to be able to do a full splits while sign spinning, not many can say they can do the same.

Seraphina is originally from Sanford, Florida and is a recent grad from Daytona State. When Seraphina isn’t spinning; she loves to write, draw, and be out in nature. She even picks up trash in the woods, such a noble deed! Outside of AArrow, Seraphina wants to be a contributing member of the art community in Orlando and really put the art scene in central Florida on the map, she’s has dreams of writing her own comic or making a cartoon. Her favorite pizza is a tie between pineapple & spinach or margarita. This girl has ambitions, talent, and pineapple on pizza; all the makings of an amazing sign spinner! Thank you for the amazing performance and keep it spinning Seraphina!

Sign Spinner August
Seraphina’s dedication for the job is what makes her the sign spinner of the month for August!

Seraphina is one of the most energetic people I’ve met! She meets every challenge with a grin and bear it attitude, and doesn’t stop for anything. She has spun through injuries, personal issues, and communicates better than 90% of people do these days. Seraphina is a superstar for sure, and deserves this award more than anyone I know!!”  -Kris Skogg, General Manager of AArrow Orlando

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