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Who was that Sign Spinner on Shark Tank?

A sign spinner was on shark tank? Well not really, but we were featured with the sharks in the Carpool Karaoke segment on the Late Late show with James Corden. (James Corden is a certified sign spinner and is actually pretty good.) Of course car pools were a thing in the pre-pandemic days when this was filmed, but it finally is seeing the light of day. But how does all of this relate to the sharks and when does the sign spinning happen. We're asking the real questions here.

Well this episode of Carpool Karaoke features the 4 sharks from Shark Tank driving around together. Songs are sung, conversation is had - you know, general entertainment. At the end, there is a competition between them at the park with 4 lemonade stands. The sharks compete against each other to see who the best salesman really is.

Now this is where things get exciting, because signs get spun! Each lemonade stand has some kind of performer to draw attention. Daymond's lemonade stand had a stroke of marketing genius and hired sign spinners. And the sign spinner for the Shark Tank crew was none other than AArrow legend, Justin Brown! Of course Justin gets to do the coolest things, he's Justin "hecking" Brown!

Sign Spinner Justin Brown with Sharks from Shark Tank Sign Spinner Justin Brown with Sharks from Shark Tank

Justin Brown had a once in a lifetime opportunity to spin signs for the sharks and show the world who we are. They should have hired more sign spinners so I could have been there. So which shark won the competition, exactly? Well watch the episode for yourself to find out, we can't spoil the whole episode!

Click here to check out Carpool Karaoke episode on Apple TV.

Click here to check out Robot Sign Spinners for The Mitchells vs. The Machines, on Netflix!

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