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Sign Spinning With Beards!

Sacramento, CA - AArrow All-Star, Raphael Angeles or "Raph" for short, has been known for years for his signature glasses and mustache (or Raph-Stache) combo. After going dark and disappearing off the face of the Earth; our sign spinning hero Raph, has reemerged but this time his face was also wielding, beards!? What is possibly going on in Northern California?

Sign Spinning With Beards Raph sign spinning at beards convention!

Besides sign spinning, Raph has always been passionate about non-traditional sports and competitions. This time, the competition is right under his nose (and chin). Raph is a member of Beards By The Bay and went to the 8th Annual Nor Cal Beard & Mustache competition in Sacramento to support his team. Of course, there was no better way for Raph to represent his squad than by use of his unique fan favorite sign spinning style! Raph and Mucho (sporting a smaller mustache) were sign performing tricks around the event, taking pictures with epic beards, and just being themselves. Always an incredible adventure with these two, who knows where their next adventure will take them. Just hope they take us with!
2 of Raph's Team mates even won, with Raph placing 10/16 in his category!
Anthony Carty - Joker - 1st - Beard Freestyle
Casey - 1st - Natural Category
Raph - 10th out of 16 - Verdi Category
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Check out Beards by the Bay (SF Facial Hair Society & Social Club)

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