Spinteractions : May 2023 Newsletter


May 30, 2023



Aiden’s success as a sign spinner is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to delivering quality work. His ability to establish lasting client relationships, coupled with his endurance and continuous improvement, sets him apart in the industry. Aiden’s achievements not only inspire his fellow sign spinners but also remind us of the rewards that come with perseverance and unwavering dedication to one’s craft.



Sign spinners are more than just entertainers on the street; they are invaluable assets to the car wash industry. Through their captivating performances, sign spinners attract attention, advertise car wash services, and create a memorable experience for customers. Their artistry, athleticism, and positive energy add an extra dimension to the car wash visit, making it an event to remember. Next time you pass by a car wash and see a sign spinner in action, take a moment to appreciate their talent and the impact they have on enhancing the car wash industry as a whole.


Pressley Takes Center Stage: Joining Dominic Fike’s “Dancing in the Courthouse” Music Video in South Florida
Great news for Rayshod Pressley! Being selected to take part in Dominic Fike’s music video, “Dancing in the Courthouse,” is a fantastic opportunity for him. With the video being filmed in South Florida and directed by Jack Begert, it’s an exciting project to be a part of.

Rayshod Pressley’s skills as a local sign spinner will undoubtedly bring a unique and energetic element to the music video.

It’s always exciting to see local talent being recognized and given the chance to showcase their skills on a larger platform.

Congratulations to Rayshod Pressley on this exciting opportunity!

Watch the video here!



“We are officially 96% leased so thank you SO much for your assistance in helping us hit that amazing milestone. If we need to get some shifts with move-outs in the summer I’ll definitely reach out to you.”

UDR Residential


“Thank you so much for hooking up Full Speed Automotive and rushing to get that done. The shirt, the sign, and Terrence were incredible. Terrence really went above and beyond as we moved him from the conference entrance to the main stage and back to the breakout sessions. He’s a great asset to your team.Hope we can drive more business for you.”