World Sign Spinning Championships 2019 in Las Vegas!


January 30, 2019

2019 was the biggest year ever for The AArrow Sign Spinner’s annual World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crowds would erupt all over Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas as some 80 competitors hailing from all corners of the globe battled it out for the title of AArrow’s 2019 World Sign Spinning Champion. Drawing inspiration from Martial Arts, Break Dancing, Skate Boarding and a great many other extreme sports and performance arts; sign spinner’s would captivate the audience with a display of some of the most unique sign spinning tricks seen to date!

Round after round, spinners would be eliminated until a champion would be crowned. In the first round, spinners would have 30 seconds to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competitors and only 30 competitors would have what it takes to qualify for the second round. In the second round Veteran sign spinners, former champions and dark horse competitors alike stopped holding back and unleashed everything they had for their chance to make it to the final round. The top scores would be so close that the final round was extended from just 5 spinners up to 11 final round competitors. This was easily one of the toughest years to be a judge.

Vegas Sign Spinning Championships
A rare inside view of the perspective from inside the ring of the World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas – with Kacper from AArrow Poland.

How is competitive sign spinning judged? Sign spinning is judged on 3 different categories by 3 different judges; leading to a maximum possible score of 90 points. The 3 categories are technical ability (sign spinning tricks: flips, spins, twists), execution (how smooth and complete said tricks are performed); and lastly but often overlooked, style (how well its all put together: dancing, poses, rhythm). The 3 judges are usually veteran sign spinners, former world champions, or even household favorites. This year the judges consisted of the first ever World Sign Spinning Champion – Dijon Rice, The Director of Training and spinventor of 100’s of sign spinning tricks – Justin Brown, and sign spinning legend and spinner’s choice – Theodore Davis; all sign spinning pioneers in their own regard.

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The Final Round – And then there were 10 (11 due to a tie in 10th). This year’s final round would be one of the fiercest yet as the threshold for talent was pushing the limits from years prior. Former WSSC winners, first time competitors, crowd favorites, and other sign spinning legends would all perform their hearts out for the title. In the end, there would only be one left – Matthew Doolan would snatch the victory for this year and earn his place in the AArrow Hall of Fame. Cheers to you Matt, enjoy the bragging rights and we’ll see you next year at WSSC 2020!

Official Rankings for WSSC, so many ties this year!

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