The 2019 World Sign Spinning Championship Highlight Video is Finally Here!

Las Vegas, NV - Earlier this year, AArrow hosted the 2019 World Sign Spinning championships in downtown Las Vegas, and it was incredible. The best sign spinners from all corners of the world gathered to battle head to head for the title of the greatest sign spinner in the world. Sign Spinners from all over the world live for this moment and have been honing their skills all year long. Only the best sign spinners from each city or region would be invited to compete. Over 75 sign spinners would enter, and only 1 would leave as the World Sign Spinning Champion. Watch these young athletes give everything they got to make it to the final the round.

The 2019 Word Sign Spinning Championship was definitely an unforgettable experience; you really had to be there to experience the magic for yourself. There were some familiar faces, some new faces, and surprise guests. We saw a lot of the same tricks, we saw a lot of new tricks, and definitely some firsts for the sign spinning world. Every year gets bigger and better, I know we always say that but it's the truth! We have a highlight video below, but as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We hope to see you all again next year! In the mean time, keep training for next year and keep those signs spinning!

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Click here to Check out the 2019 WSSC Highlight Video!

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