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Sign Spinners Archives

Sign Spinning for Conceptual Art

Sign Spinning and Conceptual Art

The Case For Conceptual Art Sign Spinning and conceptual art. What do they have to do with each other? Sign spinners are executing conceptual art daily, whether they are aware of it or not. According to Sol LeWitt, “the idea itself, even if it is not made visual, is as much of a work of […]

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Spinteractions : February 2022 Newsletter

Posted by on 2.28.22 in Blog

Check out everything that happened in the month of February!   Who’s Sign Spinning in that Progressive Commercial? The progressive commercials are back and greater than ever! Yes – our absolute favorite insurance commercials. These guys at Progressive really get it. This time, we see a special guest sign spinning in the latest progressive commercial. […]

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Sign Spinners Rally LA Rams Fans at SoFi Stadium!

Posted by on 2.18.22 in Blog, Sports and Entertainment

Don’t take my word for it, but when sign spinning is involved, the win is already secured. Look no further than the recent LA Rams victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. As participants in the sport of sign spinning, the AArrow Sign Spinners know a thing or two about supporting […]

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Virtual Round 1: WSSC 2022

Posted by on 1.21.22 in 0All Offices, Blog

The 2022 World Sign Spinning Championship will still be happening! It has been postponed until the Spring due to current health concerns! Until then, we don’t want to delay the sign spinning action any further. So this year we combined the aspect with last years Virtual Competition with the regional qualifier competitions to bring you […]

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Main Image for 3 Reasons to use sign spinners and social media

3 Reasons to Incorporate Sign Spinners & Social Media

Posted by on 1.13.22 in 0All Offices, Blog

Online and offline marketing are the biggest drivers to your business. Both those broad terms include a ton of different forms of advertising. But we want to tell you why you should combine professional AArrow Sign Spinners with your Social Media strategy. If done right, you can make a huge splash in your community and […]

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Best AArrow Sign Spinners 2021

Top Ten Best of AArrow Sign Spinners in 2021!

Posted by on 1.8.22 in 0All Offices, Blog

Wow, what a year that was. So much happened, and so many signs were spun. Well not as much spinning happened in 2021 that happened in 2019, before the global pandemic. But hey – We’re still here spinning signs and managed to survive the pandemic! Yay! So we’d like to review the best of AArrow […]

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Puppies Sign Spinner

Sign Spinning for Puppies!

Sign Spinning for Puppies? Well not literally for puppies, but for adoptions and pet stores! There is no better way to get the word out than hiring a sign spinner for your business. We always say that spreading smiles and good vibes comes first, then the advertising comes second. But when you’re sign spinning for […]

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Rayen Jones at JobFest

Hiring Sign Spinners at Nevada JobFest!

Posted by on 12.20.21 in Blog, Las Vegas

Now Hiring Sign Spinners in Las Vegas, NV! Well, we are actually hiring sign spinners everywhere, but this article is specifically about Nevada. Last week, AArrow Las Vegas GM – Rayen Jones, took part in one of the largest hiring events in Nevada since the start of the pandemic. There were over 150+ employers looking […]

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Rick Thesenga and the Seattle Spinjas

The Spinja: Ricky The Ninja Sign Spinner

Posted by on 12.13.21 in Blog, Portland, Seattle

Martial Arts and Sign Spinning go hand and hand. That’s why some people have called us sign spinning ninjas, or a  spinja for short. But we can’t take all the credit for it, because there is really only one true Spinja. And that man is Ricky Thesenga out of Seattle. He’s known for starting sign […]

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West Coast Sign Spinning Championship

OMG The West Coast Sign Spinning Championship!

You heard it hear first, the West Coast Sign Spinning Championship is back with more fire than ever! But this time, it was online to move things along. The best sign spinners on the West Coast from Mexico to Canada competed digitally for the #1 title. We saw some favorites like Teddy Hale and Davis […]

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