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Sign Spinners Archives

Inanna Sarkis and George Janko Sign Spinning

Posted by on 5.12.19 in Blog, Los Angeles

North Hollywood, CA – Youtuber Inanna Sarkis teamed up with AArrow Sign Spinners in her latest skit. She goes head to head in a sign spinning battle wearing a banana suit. And her rival? None other than fellow Youtuber George Janko in a hot dog suit. That’s right, a banana versus a hot dog in […]

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AArrow Sign Spinning for the Washington Capitals!

Posted by on 4.30.19 in Blog, Washington D.C

The NHL’s reigning Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals know how to hype up their crowd in style. The world famous AArrow Sign Spinners were hired once again to direct traffic and hype the home crowd in and around the Capital One Arena. Washington Capitals have used sign spinning as a creative way to add street […]

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April Sign Spinner of the Month – Elijah Scholz!

Posted by on 4.29.19 in Blog, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco

The Sign Spinner of the Month for April is everyone’s favorite little brother, Elijah Scholz! Eli (20) has come a long way since he started spinning signs in Sacramento when he was just 15 years old. Originally taught by his older brother Danny for a part-time job while he was in high school; Eli’s part-time […]

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Sign Spinning With Beards!

Posted by on 4.15.19 in Blog, San Francisco

Sacramento, CA – AArrow All-Star, Raphael Angeles or “Raph” for short, has been known for years for his signature glasses and mustache (or Raph-Stache) combo. After going dark and disappearing off the face of the Earth; our sign spinning hero Raph, has reemerged but this time his face was also wielding, beards!? What is possibly […]

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Is Sign Spinning Art? Yumi Janairo Roth Says Yes!

Posted by on 4.12.19 in Blog, Los Angeles, Orange County

What makes art, art? And what makes an artist, an artist? Is it the performance, the creation, or the expression? Sign Spinners are often compared to performance artist because the flow and tricks are expressed by the spinners unique sense of style. What sign spinners do every day has all the same elements that artists have in […]

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Sign Spinning at San Francisco #NotAGala

Posted by on 4.2.19 in Blog, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA – When you see Street Performers, Sign Spinners, and the Circus posted around the same city block, you’ve got to stop and ask yourself, “what is going on and where is it?” And that’s the exact reaction AArrow Sign Spinners were getting on Saturday night when directing attendees to the Yerba Buena […]

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Danny Partida – March’s Sign Spinner of the Month!

Posted by on 3.25.19 in Blog, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco

Have you ever had a signature Danny Partida hug? Understand this, Danny Lee Rene Soto Partida Jr isn’t just AArrow’s designated hug dealer; he’s one of AArrow’s best sign spinners out there. Sign spinning has been one of many passions for Danny since starting in 2012, he is a regular competitor at the World Sign […]

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Industry Spotlight – The Home Builder Industry

Posted by on 3.25.19 in Blog

The roots of AArrow Sign Spinners can be traced back to the home builder industry. Home builders were tired of wasting money on staffing agencies and boring human directional services to help point prospective buyers to their locations. In the end, they would only be told their sign guy looked sad or was pointing the […]

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AArrow Sign Spinner at SXSW!

Posted by on 3.19.19 in Austin, Blog

The SXSW conference and festivals held in Austin, Texas are one of the most famous places for fun, new, creative ideas to be shared – so it’s only right that the AArrow Sign Spinners were featured heavily throughout. The AArrow Sign Spinners of Austin teamed up with AArrow living legend Rico El-lis to promote a […]

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Sign Spinner of the month - Danny Partida

Danny Partida – Over 50k views as Baby Shark Sign Spinner!

Posted by on 3.18.19 in Blog, Dallas

Good job out there Danny, Keep it up pal! Check out Danny Partida bringing the Hype in Texas! Danny was out spinning signs for Metro PCS in Texas last weekend when he was filmed on the spot doing his thing. Facebook personality and DJ added baby shark to the track and dubbed Danny as the […]

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