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CBS hired AArrow Sign Spinners to promote new show, All Rise.

CBS hired AArrow Sign Spinners to promote new show, All Rise.

Chances are you may have seen a judge on a court room drama on TV, but have you ever seen one spin a sign? Well you might have seen one today! AArrow Sign Spinners took over Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C to promote a new show for CBS called All Rise. Sign Spinners were positioned in key intersections across the city wearing Judges robes and gavels to remind viewers to tune in tonight!

All Rise Sign Spinner
Sign spinners deliver the final verdict to tune into CBS tonight!

All Rise. is a new court room drama by CBS that dives into the lives of judges, public defenders, and prosecutors in Los Angeles County. This new show offers a look inside to today's legal battles and the flawed legal process that surrounds the people caught amidst the chaos. It's eerie how much of today's legal struggles are echoed through-out the show. Check it out for yourself CBS All Access.

All Rise Sign Spinner in Los Angeles
You've seen the sign spinners, now you be the judge!

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