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Conan using sign spinners to buy Greenland!?

Well, not exactly but we did get a be a part of it! On Monday night's episode of Conan Without Boarders, Conan goes to Greenland in an attempt to buy. To create an extra buzz, Conan has teamed up with AArrow Sign Spinners to promote the show around Hollywood. Spinners were impossible to miss and complimented several other bench ads featuring our favorite host as a real estate agent specializing in Greenland. Not our first time working with legendary Conan O'Brian, and definitely won't be our last. Always a pleasure Mr. O'Brian!

Sign Spinners for Conan
Sign spinners & Bench ads for Mr. O'Brian

Between Rico and Justin, there is so many sign spinning adventures. They are easily two of the best sign spinners in the world, each with their own unique sign spinning talent and energy. It's always a pleasure to see these two do what they do best. Both spinners have had the opportunity to work with big names in entertainment and have tremendous opportunities through the world of sign spinning. Who knows where the next big sign spinning adventure will be, maybe Greenland?

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