December 2020 Sign Spinner of the Month!


December 29, 2020

James Phelps: Sign Spinner of the Month December 2020

2020 has been a wild year. It is impressive that anyone could work 1300 sign spinning hours in 2020, yet alone doing it in the scorching desert. James Phelps, from Phoenix, Arizona, though. This man has dedication and whole gumption. That is why we are proud to announce the December sign spinner of the Month is James Phelps!

James has been a sign spinner for about 8 years. Originally he started out with media nation, but went over to AArrow and it was one of his best decisions. “Nick Teschler has been very good to us and an excellent boss and mentor” says James. His Favorite tricks are helicopter and Bruce-Lee, or anything one handed. He wants to sharpen up his captain blender to mix into his combos.

December Sign Spinner of the Month!

December Sign Spinner of the Month!

Hi likes sign spinning because he gets to be creative everyday. The company culture has been great and he really likes learning new tricks. He looks forward to getting a performance audit on the weekends, because he gets to learn something new. AArrow has been perfect for James because a boss isn’t hanging over you 24/7. If you do a good job, they appreciate it. “I am excited to go to work everyday!”

Unlike many spinners, James doesn’t listen to music or bring headphones to work. He Likes to be aware of the surroundings and interacts with people. When he isn’t spinning, he likes to spend his time with his wife and two dogs. They like to go on a lot of walks. He is also an avid artists and talented at drawing. So he’s always looking for new inspirations.

Pepperoni is his pizza of choice. A true classic!

“James work ethic is unmatched, there is a reason he has over 1300 hrs during a pandemic, his never quit attitude and his drive is inspiring.” – Shamon Ingram, General Manager of AArrow Sign Spinners Phoenix

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