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April Sign Spinner of the Month – Elijah Scholz!

April Sign Spinner of the Month - Elijah Scholz!

The Sign Spinner of the Month for April is everyone's favorite little brother, Elijah Scholz! Eli (20) has come a long way since he started spinning signs in Sacramento when he was just 15 years old. Originally taught by his older brother Danny for a part-time job while he was in high school; Eli's part-time hobby would develop into his full-time passion. Currently, Eli resides in Houston and is regularly putting on a show on busy street corners all across Texas.

April Sign Spinner of the Month Elijah's hardwork and dedication has landed him April Sign Spinner of the Month!

Eli's talent and athleticism is clearly visible in his performances at the World Sign Spinning Championships, he is a regular in the final rounds. Eli is known for spending half his round on his hands (or inverted, as we call it in AArrow) and hopes to one day take home the championship title. His favorite tricks are the Hakan-Slash or original tricks like the Equilibrium. Eli love's sign spinning so much because you can always bring something new to the table and makr something different, and sign spinning is all about creating something and expressing yourself. "Everyone's style is so different and personalized, which is always pushing the sport to the next level."


April Sign Spinner Eli April Sign Spinner of the Month - Eli Scholz

When Eli isn't spinning signs he's doing typical 20 year old things like hanging out with his friends, his girlfriend Ashley, or playing video games with his brother Danny. His favorite pizza is garlic Parmesan chicken, a very robust choice! Outside of sign spinning, Eli is regularly pushing his limits physically and training in other extreme sports like parkour and break dancing. Eli want's to one day open his own parkour and extreme sports gym, but until then, he'll stay focused on his goal of taking first place at the next World Sign Spinning Championship!

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