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Inanna Sarkis and George Janko Sign Spinning Battle

Inanna Sarkis and George Janko Sign Spinning Battle

North Hollywood, CA - Youtuber Inanna Sarkis teamed up with AArrow Sign Spinners in her latest skit. She goes head to head in a sign spinning battle wearing a banana suit. And her rival? None other than fellow Youtuber George Janko in a hot dog suit. That's right, a banana versus a hot dog in a head to head sign spinning competition, hilarity ensues.

This is a turf war like no other and neither are willing to back down. All sign spinners everywhere can relate to having someone else on your corner, stealing your attention; its irritating, especially since they were there first. Stuff like this happens every day in the sign spinning world, one time I've spun next a man in a pickle costume that is non stop shuffling. That is more on the mild side of turf wars too, there's been way crazier stories for another time. This is a life style to us, don't step on our turf!

Sign Spinning Battle This Sign SPinning Battle gets heated, fast!

AArrow Sign Spinners helped trained Inanna and George on how to spin signs and perform their own sweet moves, not that they would need much help. Things gets heated, quick! Sign spinners Rico Ellis and Evan James would also be featured in a head to head battle to back up their hot dog and banana counterparts. Who wins? You decide!

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