Steve Harvey | Sign Spinning is an Actual Competitive Sport


September 25, 2017

Sept 13, 2017

Sign Spinning is an Actual Competitive Sport

To most sign spinning as a competitive sport is a bit far-fetched. I mean really, how can you take a day job and turn it into an actual sport? In reality, the competitive side of sign spinning is exactly what makes the AArrow Sign Spinners so unique. When you create a competitive sport there is a desire to be the best and surpass the best. Each year the bar is set higher and higher as the sport continues to evolve. You see the growth not only at our annual competitions but every day when you see a sign spinner on the corner.

Rico El-lis, Christian Altimarnio, Erik Argote, and Justin Brown show exactly how far sign spinning has come and how far it can take you. With these three All-Stars, tSteve Harvey and the rest of the world got a chance to see what sign spinning is all about! Congratulations to Rico El-lis for being awarded a trip Jamacia for the on-air competition on the Steve Harvey show. If you missed the show click the video and watch what exactly took place!