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The SPINdustry Podcast

The SPINdustry Podcast features some of the most elite sign spinners in the world and showcases the people behind the modern outdoor marketing phenomenon. We explore everything from music within the industry, to art and its many manifestations. The goal is to reveal everything beneath the surface of the emerging outdoor advertising "SPINdustry" otherwise known as sign spinning.

Working with a group of professional sign spinners, SPIN (after Sol LeWitt) is at once a collaborative experiential project, public performance, and site-based installation that activates and recontextualizes Sol LeWitt’s foundational text, "Sentences on Conceptual Art". This project draws together sign spinners, audiences, and sites specifically existing outside the walls of the gallery. In 2022, as an extension of the exhibition SPIN (after Sol LeWitt) at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA artist Yumi Janairo Roth collaborated with Joey Castanon and The SPINdustry Podcast to bring together sign spinners, artists, and curators to discuss the intersection of sign spinning and conceptual art. The first guests were Hamza Walker, director and curator of the Los Angeles nonprofit art space LAXART and Justin Charles Michael Brown, artist, musician, and veteran sign spinner. Visit for more on SPIN (after Sol LeWitt).


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Yumi Janairo Roth

Justin Charles Michael Brown

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