Turnstyle Interview with Jeremy White


November 28, 2011

Ever stopped at a red light and noticed someone spinning a sign trying to get your attention. Selling pizzas, sandwiches, insurance… Wonder what those guys get paid or how they make it through their work day with a bottle of water and a slab of plywood on their back? Turnstyle News caught up with a professional sign spinner, 25-year-old Jeremy White from North Hollywood, to find out how he gets the job done.

Turnstyle News:

How long have you been sign spinning?

Jeremy White: A little over five years now.

Turnstyle News: How did you get into it?

Jeremy White: I was clowning around on a corner for Little Caesar’s Pizza when I was recruited by Aarrow Advertising, an agency for sign spinners.

Turnstyle News: Is it possible to make a living from this art form?

Jeremy White: More than possible…likely, I’d say.

Turnstyle News: How much does a sign spinner make?

Jeremy White: Our sign spinners can make anywhere from $300-$600+ weekly depending on their skill level.

Turnstyle News: How do you get jobs?

Jeremy White: The sales department goes out and get the clients; HR manages and trains the spinners. The sign spinners themselves need only to practice to keep their skills up and maintain a positive attitude.

Turnstyle News: Do the businesses see a change in customer traffic, does it work?

Jeremy White: It works very well. On average, we increase traffic by 300% Once, for a BOGO sale at subway I directed enough people into the story that they formed a line down the block.

Turnstyle News: Why do you think it’s important to spin signs?

Jeremy White:  Spinning signs attracts attention. More importantly, it’s a fun activity, which increases the workers’ morale. People like to see happy spinners.

Turnstyle News: How long did it take you to get good at it?

Jeremy White: I’ve always been good at it.

Turnstyle News: How many of you are there in LA?

Jeremy White:  I’ve never done a total headcount…. at least twenty. Locally, it’s a small community. But Aarrow is an international franchise. Sign spinners from around the world keep in contact with one another. The veterans all know one another. We’ve all spun sites together and competed against each other.

Turnstyle News: What’s next for you? Where would you like your career as a sign spinner to go?

Jeremy White: My colleague and I are opening a franchise in Long Beach. It’s very exciting.

Disclaimer: Turnstyle News received these photos from a campaign by Philips to promote male self expression in everyday environments. Here’s more information.

Check out the full interview here: http://goo.gl/Ky8Ve