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The Upcoming 6th Annual World Sign Spinning Championships!

AArrow Advertising is gearing up for the 6th annual World Sign Spinning Championships taking place this year from February 22nd-23rd at The World Famous Fremont Street Experience.

Come watch hundreds of sign spinners from over 10 countries take on each other to see who will be crowned champion. Dee Jay Kid Loco, coming all the way from Croatia, will be keeping the crowd pumped as the competition takes place. Many meetings took place to help put this event together and Illy's coffee kept everyone motivated through the process. The event will be an incredible display of talent and an exhilarating performance to watch.

Don't miss out on your chance to see some incredible spinners compete to be named the World Sign Spinning Champion of 2013! The two days of competition begin February 22nd at 3pm and then again February 23rd at 12pm. Come check out both days to see awards given out for trick of the year, best smile, most creativity, rookie of the year, and many more!

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