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Sign Spinners Archives

AArrow Takes Over Croatia!

Posted by on 6.19.12 in Blog, Europe

Thanks to Mario Knezevic, owner of AArrow Croatia, sign spinning has become a huge hit in this small country. Knezevic noticed the attention that sign spinning was receiving in America and other parts of Europe and decided that this acrobatic form of advertising would do well in Croatia.

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Sign spinning is the “X-Games style of advertising”

Posted by on 6.18.12 in Blog, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

In the era of hi tech Internet and social media advertising comes sign spinning, which many people would classify as an “old school” form of advertising. Far from old school, sign spinning adds a new “spin” on regular sign holding and is quickly becoming one of the more effective types of advertising.

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AArrow Needs Your Vote!

Posted by on 6.18.12 in Blog, News, USA

AArrow Ads needs your support and vote to help their chances of winning a $250,000 grant for the Mission: Small Business contest. CHASE Visa and LivingSocial are awarding up to twelve small businesses the money based on their application and the number of votes they receive. With your help, AArrow could be one of them! […]

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4th of July Special-Don’t Miss Out!

Posted by on 6.12.12 in Blog, USA

The Fourth of July is almost here, and we want you!  To celebrate our nation’s birthday, AArrow is offering huge discounts on our signature service, AArrow Sign Spinning! AArrow Sign Spinners are trained to perform and interact with YOUR target market, then direct them into your store with a  friendly wave and a smile.

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AArrow Denver Shows off their Skills

Posted by on 6.8.12 in Blog, Denver, USA, Washington D.C

AArrow Sign Spinners are now hiring in Modesto and surrounding areas. We are the inventors of sign spinning and have been performing all over the world since 2002. Whether Advertising for Snoop Dogg’s album release or the “mom & pop” store down the road, we are always entertaining. If you are creative and/or into extreme […]

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Yurbuds Campaign

Posted by on 6.7.12 in Blog, San Diego, USA

AArrow sign spinners spent another hot summer day out on the streets of San Diego modeling Yurbuds’ sport earphones and spinning the day away. Six of our spinners were out impressing the bystanders on Friday and Saturday outside of the convention center, the ballpark and Gaslamp advertising. Check out the pictures of our spinners sporting […]

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AArrow Sign Spinners Promoting Wendy’s in Virginia Beach!

Posted by on 6.4.12 in Blog, USA, Virginia Beach

AArrow has been successful all over the world in helping other companies increase their business and sales by getting people’s attention right away from the side of the road. This month, AArrow Ads in Virginia Beach has decided to do an experiment with a local Wendy‘s to see if they had any effect on Wendy’s […]

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Spinning For A Cause

Posted by on 6.4.12 in Blog, USA

Walmart’s Facebook campaign “Fighting Hunger Together” has inspired food banks all across the country to compete for the most votes, which could win them the top prize of 1 million dollars or one of 20 runner-up prizes of $50,000. This money could help food banks feed thousands and further the goal to fight hunger in […]

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