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Sign Spinners Archives

Advertising catcher Arrow Sign Spinners – The guerrilla marketing campaign I’d like to see in Los Angeles

Posted by on 5.15.13 in Blog, Los Angeles, News, USA

Who does not know, the good old advertising sign. But in a world always plakativeren the static sign has lost much of its advertising effectiveness. You think more often because there are really bad bad advertising sins just in advertising on signs. One way the static advertising sign in the  promotion  to help again more importance Arrow are spinner. The idea […]

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AArrow Korea Sign Spinning for MBC Wedding Fair in Ulsan

Posted by on 5.14.13 in Asia, Blog

Check out this sign spinning commercial by AArrow Korea; spinning for MBC Wedding Fair.

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Huston Press Article – Human Directionals

Posted by on 5.14.13 in Blog, Houston, New York City, News, USA

Human Directionals What are these “spinners” holding advertising signs at local intersections listening to?

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West Coast Sign Spinning Competition sponsored by Black

Posted by on 5.13.13 in Blog, News, USA

The best AArrow Sign Spinners on the West Coast are competing at North Hollywood Skate Park. The competition is sponsored by Black skateboards, with the winner taking home a brand new custom skateboard! Everybody knows sign spinners love skateboarding, so expect the top talent to come out and give it all they’ve got! This deck […]

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Slice of Life: Ezequiel Munoz, spinning signs and making dimes

Posted by on 5.6.13 in Blog, Las Vegas, News, USA, Washington D.C

Natalie Plumb, special to WASHINGTON – You’ve seen them on the street corners. They spin signs of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they do flips, or throw their signs into the air — whatever it takes to get your attention as you drive by. These characters are popping up all over the D.C. area. […]

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Posted by on 5.6.13 in Blog, News, USA

The people that twirl and flip signs that advertise a business are known as spinners and they are very passionate about what they do. Katie Baker talked to a business that trains people in this technique. (4/25/2013)

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Lunchables Upload Challenge Promo

Posted by on 5.1.13 in Blog, USA

Justin Brown shows off some sweet tricks to help professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek with the Lunchables Challenge Upload Promo. Lunchables Uploaded Challenge: Promo

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