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Advertising catcher Arrow Sign Spinners – The guerrilla marketing campaign I’d like to see in Los Angeles

Who does not know, the good old advertising sign. But in a world always plakativeren the static sign has lost much of its advertising effectiveness. You think more often because there are really bad bad advertising sins just in advertising on signs. One way the static advertising sign in the  promotion  to help again more importance Arrow are spinner. The idea originated as a  guerrilla marketing  campaign in the United States. The Arrow Spinner, held by human hands in artistic motion, achieved new attention and is a real eye-catcher advertising .

Guerilla Marketing Advertising Eye-Catching Promotion

Following the principles of  Guerrilla Marketing  is the  promotion  aligned very cost-neutral to the rotating advertising sign.Take a sporty student, give him an advertising sign and put him on a convenient road, ideally in the intersection or traffic area. There, the employee spins the advertising sign not only artistically through the air, thus creating a moving, ever-changing  eye-catching advertising , but increases the effect by directly addressing the target group using the shield.

Provocation and surprise

The term  guerilla marketing  was coined in the 80s by the American Jay C. Levinson. It means unusual promotions that make minimal use of promotional materials. The advertising effect is caused by the unusual presentation of the advertising message. Compared to traditional advertising methods, the guerrilla marketing uses not uncommon methods that are close to the extent permitted by law, or even calculated beyond the legal advertising methods. Guerrilla marketing thrives on the challenge and the element of surprise to be confronted as a target group in situations of advertising in which you do not actually met her and they are also not expected. The Arrow Spinners are one such promotion and use, for example, the residence time of motorists at red lights. In such places a  looker advertising  to present, ensures a higher attention of the target audience, because this is very easily distracted, because faced with no other stimulus than to wait for the green light of the traffic light.


Guerilla Marketing

Important in the promotion with  Arrow Spinners to keep the message as short and concise as possible in order to anchor it to the target group. The swirling advertising signs leave no time for extensive information, often the content of the sign structure used on a single word, the company name or an Internet address is restricted. The target group is only given a pulse - but the advertising effectiveness is increased by the fact that the target audience then, to learn more about the crazy flying shield itself must be active. Instead of pure awareness that is the prompt to elicit what is behind this message. We call catcher advertising.


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