AArrow Houston Named August Spinner of the Month


September 25, 2017

AArrow Houston Awarded Spinner of the Month

AArrow Houston has officially been named spinner of the month for August. Typically this award goes to an individual that has gone over and beyond in their market. For the first time ever we are awarding the whole team of Houston this award. As we all know Hurricane Harvey was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the US in the last 30 years leaving thousands of residents displaced. In addition, businesses were also affected.  Several building and facilities were damaged by flooding as well. Even with the damage that took place at our Houston facilities, AArrow Houston still went out to help local residents and save lives. As a team, they truly embodied what it means to be an AArrow Sign Spinner.

Here is a link at the bottom to help out with the rebuild of our Houston a facilities.