AArrow Korea Spinning for Samsung Mobile Store and a Visit From COO Mike Kenny

COO of AArrow Inc., visiting Korea!

Mike with some AArrow Korea sign spinners

Starting from Gangnam in Seoul, Mike had toured Myungdong, Jongro, Sinchon, Hongdae or Hongik Univ. Road, and Yeo Yui Do.

Mike was definitely impressed by Korea's sign spinning!

dsc_5082Mike and other AArrow Korea sign spinners spinning for SK Telecom

Here's Mike showing off some of his moves


This is Mike watching Gangnam area as he welcomes Kim Wang Joo Spinner.
I finally got to meet up with him (Lee Sung Uk Spinner) once again. We used to practice together at Strawberry Park around 4 years ago, but now his skills are way ahead.
Mike is, however, obviously better at advertising.
We also got to meet up with Park Sung Jun Spinner from Sin Chon.
Mike simply told Park Spinner to look for more targets and moved onto Hong Dae.



We invited Mike and his girlfriend to the BBQ Buffet, and they loved it!

Mike's visit went by quickly and we miss him already!

I really want to thank Mike and all out fellow Spinners for helping us to create AArrow Korea to what it is today!

SOURCE: http://blog.naver.com/aarrowkorea/30165321454

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