AArrow Poland in the spotlight!


May 8, 2015

Eskrada is one of the biggest advertising agencies of Poland, and were very excited to work with AArrow Sign Spinners after seeing their amazing skills.

AArrow and Eskrada participated together for a campaign competition held by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development explaining the European Funds Information Points system… and WON FIRST PLACE!

The campaign started on April 2nd and it is now on TV, Internet, billboards, and in the press all across Poland!!!


Krzysiek, Michał and Sławek were the chosen spinners for the commercial, they had the chance to work with Anna ‘YouYa’ Jujka, a very well known Polish choreographer.


We interviewed the spinners to see how they felt about executing this campaign:

Slawek: “It was hard waking up at 4am and going to sleep at 12am. It was really cold and we didn’t wear hot clothes. Our chorographer didn’t know about sign spinning, until she came when we were training and saw what we were doing she imagined which tricks were best to show. The first day was the most stressful, we had to do our three-person routine. The second day, each one of us was working in a different station. The most funny thing for me was when they spun me on a kind of platform and I fell, they ran to help me up, and we had to film it again and again!”

Krzysiek: “It was an amazing adventure! A new thing for me, to stand on the other side of the camera and have a taste at being a star! The most suprising thing was the crew, we expected strict and unkind people, but they were just so friendly to us! Every single person was a good influence to us, they were so nice! I truly hope that I have a chance to spin my sign in TV advertising again!”



Michal: “For me, the best thing of this experience was seeing how much work the crew had to do for one little movie. Before, I thought that I could make a movie like this by myself in one week maybe two. Now I know that it is really hard stuff. We had two directors, three professional cameras and a lot of other people were working… And everybody was important! Everyone had to do their work. On the second day, us, the spinners, had to work the same time. We had two days of making material, one day of taking pictures.. they also made a lot of different versions. We didn’t want to take a break even to drink or eat something!!! It was like a big, never-stopping party (with no alcohol, of course!) At least, I think that every Sign Spinner is a kind of super star who wants to shine as bright as he can… This was our chance!!!”


Good Job AArrow Poland! We can’t wait for what you’ll bring to the team next!