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After doing over 400 events in the United States, we've finally done it.  Our first Extreme Entrepreneurship WORLD Tour event happened today.  It was a JAM-PACKED auditorium with over 850 young Peruvians who just needed a little motivation coupled with a few top tips to take their goals and passions to the next level.  This is really tough to judge, but I think it may have been our best event to date.  Whoa!  The speakers were incredibly dynamic, engaging, inspiring and fun!  But it wouldn't have been such an awesome event without the wonderful audience members who were so engaged and couldn't wait to participate.

The one and only, Max Durovic.  Max puts the Che in Chevere – what does that mean?  No other speaker came to the stage spinning signs, jumping over them and maybe even doing a triple back flip off of the stage (one of those didn't actually happen but totally could have).  Max brought up three CRUCIAL points when it comes to being a successful young entrepreneur:


  • Just Jump – don’t be afraid to try something new
  • Aim High – don’t settle for mediocrity
  • Never Quit – if you haven’t ever failed, you don’t know what true success really is"


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