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Grand Opening: h.h.gregg


The AArrow Sign Spinners had a very busy two weekends this month with a host of grand openings with the major electronics appliance store H.H. Gregg.

The AArrow Sign Spinners were sent on a spinning road trip and covered the four store grand openings that took place in three cities.

The first weekend included 12 people in 3 groups of 4 spinning on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September. The first group spun signs in St. Peters, Missouri and Fenton, Missouri, and included all-stars Jeremy Pickle, Jamal Traub, Alex Jennings and Caleb Burrell.

The next group worked the city of Chesterfield, MO and included Anthony (Salsa) Morelli, Brent Davis, Kory Holtzer and Jamal Wright. Springfield, Illinois also saw some spinning action, as Jeremy Pickle, Leith Piccirillo, Jessica Brodley & James MacGeen displayed their sign-sinning athleticism.

The second display of advertising took place from the 20th-22nd, with the same group displaying their spintastic skills in Green Bay, WI.

We’re proud to count hhgregg as a valued client, and will continue to spin for their grand openings across the country.


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