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No, Really! – Jamba Juice Hired a Sign Spinner!

There isn't a sign spinner out there that wouldn't turn down a cold refreshing Jamba Juice during a hot summer day. Healthy, cold, and refreshing; very on brand for AArrow. So when Jamba Juice reached out to us to book a Sign Spinner to promote their smoothies, we were happy to answer the call! Not only did we send a sign spinner, but we sent THE sign spinner. None other than AArrow legend Matthew Doolan was on the scene. You can already tell how this is going, that Jamba Juice was not ready for how much business Matt was going to bring in.


Jamba Juice Sign Spinner Jamba Juice Sign Spinner

So aside from the usual amazing sign spinning action, Matt was also adding a personal element. Together, Jamba Juice and Matt collaborated on fun Tik Tok videos together to promote the store. Must have been having too much fun at work! This is the kind of social media marketing that Doolan specializes in, he's had some of his sign spinning videos go viral with millions of views recently.


@jambaspringcreekSo glad we got to meet with @signspinnerdoolan and show off some awesome tricks!! 💛💛 #signspinnerdoolan #signspinner #jamba♬ ... is sweaty - Kellan

I'm sure we'll be seeing even more Sign Spinning videos come from Matt, because that's just what he does. Definitely sure we'll see more sign spinning for Jamba Juice in the near future. Always nice to partner with one of our favorite smoothie makers. I know where I'm going at break. Looking forward to the next sign spinning adventure. Until then, keep it spinning!

@jambaspringcreekListen to us when we tell you, YOU NEED SOME JAMBA🍊 #yoursign #fyp

♬ Listen To Me Now - nghigiango


Click here to check out Matt Doolan going Viral on Tik Tok

Click here for more sign spinning action on YouTube


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