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Traub generates excitement in Chattanooga!

Chattanooga sign spinner competes, travels for the art

If you've driven down Amnicola Highway this week, there's one man who's probably caught your eye.

Jamal Traub is a full-time, professional sign spinner.

"My goal is make somebody laugh, entertain someone, make them go 'wow,' clap or honk their horn," he said.


He works 8 hour shifts, making $15 dollars an hour.

But he says he's paid his dues.

"I got my start as a dancing chicken juggling in Murphiesburro," Traub said.

That's when he caught the right eye because of his enthusiasm.

"It didn't become my job until these guys saw me doing my juggling out on the corner," he said.

Now, he works for AArrow Sign Spinners. The company trains sign spinners for advertising customers.

Believe it or not, some of his colleagues spin to win competitions.

Traub completed in the biggest one of the year in Las Vegas in 2012.

"People from all over the world come from Croatia and Korea come to compete," he said.

He's booked without a day off for the next several weeks, but he says he doesn't dread it. After all, it's good exercise and it's fun.

"It's just my life it's what I do," he said.

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