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USC Graduation Sign Spinning!?

USC Graduation Sign Spinning!?

Los Angeles, CA - Home of some of the greatest schools in California, if not the country, and probably even the world. The students graduating from these schools go on to change the world and do big things. So of course their graduation ceremonies have to be unforgettable experiences. The University of Southern California hired 4 of LA's top AArrow Sign Spinners to add some extra awesomeness to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering Graduation on May 10th. Instead of using the boring normal ground signs that you normally see at a graduations; the AArrow Sign Spinners were using their amazing skills to direct grads, faculty and friends to their respective areas during the ceremony. They were impossible to ignore and added to the energy and positive atmosphere! USC really needs to use sign spinning at every graduation after this level of success!

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Many of you may not know, but AArrow's own co-founder Michael Kenny is actually a proud member of the UFC alumni! MK actually has achieved his MBA from USC after much hard work and dedication, so with that being said it was a great honor for AArrow Sign Spinners to take part in USC's graduation for class of 2019! That's right, Sign Spinning COO, Mike Kenny, graduated from USC. Now lets find that yearbook with the perfect hair! I wonder what that guy is up to now a days, probably nothing important ;) 

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