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Capriotti’s Subs! post cover image

Capriotti’s Subs!

Posted by on 9.24.12 in Blog, USA

  Do you love turkey? Are you craving a delicious roasted pulled turkey sandwich?  Recently, the AArrow Sign Spinners were able to show off their fancy tricks while advertising for this amazing restaurant when Capriotti’s Subs called on the AArrow Sign Spinners to advertise their “greatest sandwiches in America.”  A total of 9 spinners showed off their […]

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Grand Opening: h.h.gregg post cover image

Grand Opening: h.h.gregg

Posted by on 9.24.12 in Blog, USA

  The AArrow Sign Spinners had a very busy two weekends this month with a host of grand openings with the major electronics appliance store H.H. Gregg. The AArrow Sign Spinners were sent on a spinning road trip and covered the four store grand openings that took place in three cities.

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Grand Opening McDonalds! post cover image

Grand Opening McDonalds!

Posted by on 9.24.12 in Blog, USA

Over the weekend McDonald’s had their newest restaurant open(Surprise, AZ). They hired AArrow Sign Spinner to catch the attention of Arizona residents. Over the span of 3 days, the sign spinners filled every seat of the restaurant and even got cars lined up to the street. The staff was very happy with the attention the spinners were bringing to […]

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Fresno students learn about entrepreneurship. post cover image

Fresno students learn about entrepreneurship.

Posted by on 9.17.12 in Blog, News, San Diego, USA

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Students interested in becoming entrepreneurs got some important advice from a young business owner who’s making his mark. With the recent downturn in the economy, an increasing number of students are curious about what it takes to become an entrepreneur. “Many people have ideas on businesses and they don’t know where to […]

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Now Open : El Pollo Loco! post cover image

Now Open : El Pollo Loco!

Posted by on 9.14.12 in Blog, USA

  El Pollo Loco called on the AArrow Sign Spinners to assist in the Grand Opening of their newest restaurant in Fullerton, CA. Sign spinners grabbed the attention of the nearby residents for 24 hours. Spinners had many customers come in to grab a quick bite to eat.

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Tiger Soccer Tournament post cover image

Tiger Soccer Tournament

Posted by on 9.11.12 in Australia, Blog

  Tiger Beer asked AArrow Ads Sydney to Promote the Grand Final of this new sport of “Street Soccer” They saw AArrow a perfect fit for their event. Street Soccer is 2 teams playing in a small semi caged Basketball size area. Very fast & Dynamic Location was at the Ocean Terminal on Sydney Harbour.

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WHOLE FOODS MARKET post cover image


Posted by on 9.10.12 in Blog, Charlotte, USA

Whole Foods Market is known for delighting its customers with high quality foods and organic produce. They also offer online ordering to make lives easier of their customers. Whole Foods Store Manager Trevor Barhydt contacted AArrow Ads NC to hire sign spinners for their latest Grand Opening in the Southpark area of Charlotte. Trevor loved the […]

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GWS GIANTS Opening Game! post cover image

GWS GIANTS Opening Game!

Posted by on 9.10.12 in Australia, Blog

  Sydney AArrow Sign Spinners had one heck of an audience at the game opening for the GWS Giants! Sign Spinners were spinning to promote the Giants and to get people to sign up for their fan club. While many people were entertained with the sign spinning, they were also excited to sign up for […]

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Belgium’s Got Talent post cover image

Belgium’s Got Talent

Posted by on 9.10.12 in Blog, Europe

AArrow Advertising Paris had the opportunity to audition for the show, “Belgium’s Got Talent,” a sister show of the “U.S. ‘s American’s Got Talent.” We sent out some of our best sign spinners from Paris to audition. Three young and talented sign spinners; Thomas, Fabiien and Alain put their heart and awesome skills to test! […]

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A Boot Camp for Sign Spinners post cover image

A Boot Camp for Sign Spinners

Posted by on 9.7.12 in Blog, Los Angeles, USA

  Ever wonder if those sign spinners around Los Angeles get training? The answer is yes and it happens here in the Valley. They’re all over Los Angeles. They’re typically students in their late teens or early twenties and can be found standing on any given street corner, frantically spinning an arrow-shaped sign that bears the name […]

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