Sign Spinners At it Again At The U.S Chamber of Commerce Small Business Initiatives


May 30, 2012

The US Chamber of Commerce joined forces with Facebook and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) to honor small businesses in Washington, D.C. The America’s Small Business Summit was held on Wednesday, May 16 where they recognized more than 40,000 small businesses in the District.

Not only does this event honor small businesses, but also aims to give small businesses a boost by helping them find customers, through word of mouth from friends.

Two of our sign spinners were out on the streets of D.C. helping create buzz about this terrific event. Jerry Carter and Horacio Moreno were seen flipping and spinning their signs, making sure that all of the people passing by knew about the annual honoring of small businesses in the D.C. area. Thanks to these two, the US Chamber of Commerce had a great turnout and made everyone aware of the importance of small businesses!


“I saw pictures of the sign spinners, and they looked great! Thanks you so much for getting that together. Our attendees really enjoy them!”

-Taylor Uzzell, Manager of Communications and Strategy at US Chamber of Commerce