“Sign Spinning is the coolest job in the world”


March 19, 2012

It could be the most boring profession in the world. A sign hold for hours.Somewhere in the dense city traffic. But when Ray Rivera, 21, with advertising, swirls and amazed passersby stop. In Washington, makes the “Sign Spinner” the sidewalk to the stage.

Who wants such a job? On a traffic island, amid the noise and stench? As an advertising character with a shield for a Klopsbrater in your hand? When Ray Rivera gets going, stopping passers-by and marvel, honking cars. He spins the arrow-shaped sign in the air, catches it, it can be rotated behind your back, then it shows the audience.

This works no sign holders. This works a street artist.

For Ray the sidewalk at a major intersection becomes a stage. It’s a sunny Friday morning, he is lured into the U.S. capital Washington customers in a burger restaurant. Sign Spinning is the art of sign-twirling, Ray calls it the “coolest job in the world.” He wants to deceive the people laugh, “If someone tries to resist, evade the eye contact and then it fails to suppress a smile” – that was the best at work.

Entertainers with swirling shield

To get into the right mood, he heard loud drum’n’bass and dubstep in headphones on. Music, dance a little, then he starts to throw the shield with a reference to the “best burger in DC” in the air (see video above).

A few casual comments (“Hey, I know you are hungry”), a bit of small talk (“You left something Vorreifen is flat”) – is one of the lively 21-year-olds to sign spinning all the things he liked anyway makes. He would probably hang around without advertising banners easily on the street and people respond, he had not discovered four years ago, the signs sports.

At 17 years, Ray had just flown home from school, his motivation on the ground.Then he suggested that his former girlfriend, to be sign spinners. It took almost six weeks until he had mastered a few tricks – good enough for his first job at “Aarrow Advertising.”

The Agency has now established rented sign spinners in Europe, Asia and America, and boasts of being the sign-vortices as a new form of advertising to. In the U.S., human signs are not uncommon. Where permanently installed stand are banned, shops employ a sign-holder.

“Just be the guy that everybody knows”

The founders of “Aarrow Advertising” was too boring. In 2002, she developed her first tricks and began the training of sign spinners. Meanwhile, presenting inspiring young artists sign their best tricks on YouTube, the virtual competition for the most spectacular images of the scene.

Once a year, organized by the advertising agency a championship. Last is Ray, the school drop-outs, has been voted the world’s best sign spinners. The job gives him what he got from teachers and classmates before: recognition.

Younger admire him when he teaches them the Windmill Trick or one-handed flip. Colleagues marvel at his videos on the Internet. If you tell him to make the most proud of Ray: “It’s a really good feeling when someone looks up to you.”

His dream job sign spinning it does not stop to dream a little bigger. His plan for the future: start your own agency offshoot. And at some point in 20 years?”Maybe being famous, just be the type that everyone knows.”


Source : http://www.spiegel.de/karriere/ausland/0,1518,802156,00.html