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The Las Vegas Weekly – “How to do Everything”

Flip A Sign

Photo: Bill Hughes

Las Vegans know how to flip a sign better than Caleb Jordan. The 24-year-old has been doing it for six years, and trains up to 40 flippers a year as “spinstructor” and general manager of the local branch of San Diego-based AArrow Advertising, which employs spinners across the globe. He’s also ranked No. 32 in the world after competing in this year’s World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas. We got Jordan to show us a few moves.

1. Presentation: Holding the sign out in front for everyone to see.

2. Basic spin: Turn it over with your strong hand, then cross over with your weak hand and bring it back over.

3. Basic flip: Starts off with basic presentation, then with your strong hand, throw the sign up, making it do one flip, then grab it with your left hand and bring it back down to your right.

4. Behind the back: Start with basic presentation, then rotate as you would with a basic spin, but also twist your body in the same direction the sign is spinning. Then you bring it around to the back; your thumbs meet behind your back, and then you spin it back around as your body turns to basic presentation.

5. Toe-flip: This is a great move if you drop the sign. While it’s on the ground, start with your toe under the sign while it’s laying flat, then lift up your foot and jump to the same side as the foot you had under the sign.

6. Head spin: A huge leap in difficulty, it starts with you holding the sign behind your back with both thumbs together. Then with your strong hand, bring it out around your body and then, and using all of your wrist and forearm strength, spin it on your head. If you’re going to try these, good luck with No. 6. –Ken Miller


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