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A Glimpse Into the Life of Mike Wright-WSSC’s 2013 Champion

I was fortunate enough to steal a few minutes of Mike Wright’s time to catch up with him on his recent win at the WSSC (world sign spinning championship). Mike has been spinning with AArrow Advertising for eight years now. I learned how he felt to be the best sign spinner in the world, some of his favorite aspects of AArrow, and what led up to this enormous win.


What is your favorite sign spinning trick?

·         The head spin and a trick I’ve made up I call the jack-knife

What is your favorite campaign you’ve advertised for?

·         I advertised for a hair salon that was doing haircuts to raise money for a child in the town who had cancer. After the day was over the family came over and thanked me for my help. It was a very emotional day but it really stuck with me.

What do you attribute your aarrow success to?

·         Everyone works so hard to constantly get to the next level, I have to constantly push myself to keep up and improve.

What are your future goals with AArrow?

·         I would love to win the owners competition and travel to new countries with the company

What music do you listen to while spinning?

·         Anything upbeat, a lot of dubstep and some queen.

Do you drink energy drinks to keep you upbeat?

·         Nope, all natural for me

When/Where was your first shift with the company?

·         It was November of 2005 and it was in Hillcrest San Diego for a home developer. I actually blacked out from exhaustion that day. I was not prepared at all, I brought no music or water.

Who is your dream client?

·         I would love to advertise for DC shoes or even NIKE. My dream would be to get sponsored by them for the WSSC.

What would be your dream country to spin in?

·         Definitely Australia or Korea

Tell us about your life prior to AArrow

·         I went to El Cajone Valley High  and then took some college classes in culinary arts

What is your favorite corner to spin on in San Diego?

·         The intersection between 5th and Market Street because it’s the only 4 way intersection in San Diego.

What are your favorite shoes to spin in?

·         DVS’s

Do you use any specific headphones while spinning?

·         Not really, usually whatever is cheapest

How did you feel after winning the WSSC?

·         It honestly took me a few days to recover. It was amazing to know that all the work I had put in for the past 8 years had paid off. I don’t know where I would be in life without AArrow. I started with the company at an unfortunate time in my life and it has been an incredible journey with them.

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